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Originally Posted by KTMandu
I've just recently installed HID's to my 06 KTM 950. The stock KTM headlight comes with an H4 bulb which is rather poor in lighting capabilities. I tried to retrofit an HID in it but was unsuccessfull. I then had to purchase the Euro headlight, which comes with a H3/H7 set-up and retrofitted it with 6000 rated HID's, both high and low. Expensive, yes. Worth it? These lights lite up the night, just incredible. Let's put it this way. I want to be seen during the daytime. I want to see and be seen at night. I've also installed aux 35wt halogen lights. Redundant I know but as I said, I want to be seen. Anything to improve the odds vs the cagers and any four legged creatures. What's your life worth?
From all the the conversions I have heard of on the KTM 950, using the Euro headlight is the way to go. The stock headlight uses a plastic clip that interferes with the bulb base on the H4. You should be able to clip one of the tabs off the base and still use the H4 on the stock headlight. Correct me if I'm wrong on this, I'm just working with photos on this bike, not actual experience. I had a similar issue with a H4 install on my Honda ATV. i just clipped on of the tabs off, and it fit perfect.
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