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Originally Posted by Splatman
Hey "Gregster".. For the left side I used the " Lock-On Grip System by ODI Grips ".. Once
you remove the grip (a pain cause it's bonded on really well) it is just like a throttle tube
underneath.. You then install the grip heater and grip to this "pseudo throttle tube" and
install this unit to your bike with "Aluminum Lock Jaw Clamps".. IMHO it works great..


[*]Lock-On Grip System by ODI Grips: About $20.00.. Available at most bicycle stores..
I bought the 130mm length (115mm grip plus 2 clamps = 130mm).. Buy the "Bonus Pack"
which includes "Aluminum Lock Jaw Clamps".. One Bonus Pack will do two motorcycles..

[*]Grip Heaters: I used Symtec Brand "both sides throttle" (Dual Star sells replacement
elements @ $14.95 each).. The complete kit (one clutch, one throttle, switch and misc)
available on-line from Dual-Star for $29.95.. Or from California Sport Touring for $26.98..

[*]Grips: I used "Scott Hurricane".. You will need two throttle side grips (sell others to
a mountain biker or atv rider)..

Cool - thanks for the info.
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