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I took a day trip to Mitla, a town about 45 minutes by vehicle away from Oaxaca. Mitla was a significant Zapotec city about a thousand years ago and has some relatively well-preserved ruins.

First I stopped at El Tule, possibly the most massive tree alive.

I bought some ice cream at this nievaria. Look at the list of flavors carefully.

This is "tuna" sorbet:

In fact, tuna is prickly pear cactus. It was delicious. The other tuna is atún. With this knowledge, you can now order ice cream safely.

On to Mitla. Lots of stonework:

Notice the continuation of the pattern:

Inside a tomb:

The Spaniards arrived long after Mitla had gone into decline and been nearly abandoned. Nevertheless, they knocked over many of the buildings and temples (for their god is a jealous god) and built a church on top of the ruins:

Afterwards I visited a huge market in Tlacolula. One odd variation on Mexico's pervasive "huge crazy street bazaar" theme were the indoor carnecerias with the bbqs lined up in the center of the isle so you can start grilling your meat immediately:

This is some kind of chocolate, I think:

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