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More Food Porn

This meal started with an Oaxacan salad. The green beans are steamed and then lightly marinated in something. It was served chilled. As a lover of pickled things, I thought it was very good, although it could have fed two people.

The beverage in the top right corner is tejate, a traditional prehispanic drink. I'm not sure what it's made from but I know there is corn meal in it. The experience is something a little like chocolate protein drink. It's interesting but I don't love it.

The main corse was mole verde with pork. This is one of the lighter moles, made from tomatillos. It was tasty but hard to compare with the other, richer moles.

Not pictured is a límonada I drank afterwards.

Total bill was under 200 pesos. As you've probably figured out by now, that's about $20 USD.

Digging through the photos, here's another traditional Oaxacan dish. I can't recall what it is called, but it's basically cecina (salted beef) and quesillo (Oaxacan string cheese, much like mozzarella) in pizza format. This came from a market vendor, it was cheap:

Here's some fried fish with garlic made by the mother of one of my instructors, Adolfo:

Adolfo turned out not only to be a language instructor but also just graduated from university with a CS degree, so he was a geek like me. He taught me quite a lot of computer-related Spanish lingo.

Here he is between a couple other students on my last night in town... we had all had varying amounts to drink ranging from "a large amount" to "an excessive amount". You can guess who was who:

After helping Adolfo carry that girl back to her home, I need to find her and make sure she gets this photograph (a classic in every country):

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