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Originally Posted by PackMule
You know we NEVER tire of your pics, Bod.

Were you on your way South this year when things got canceled?

I spent three weeks in Gambia watching the birds fly by....

I had planned to catch the Senegal stages St Louis and Dakar, but miss Mauritania for a quieter time, I wasn't expecting things to be quite as quiet as they turned out!

I'm glad I was going alone this year( I often take people along) so there were no additional problems for travelers with nothing to do. I'm not so happy to be setting up XR400's to run from Janjanbureh into Senegal, (on-hold now).

I've seen the Bin Laden supporters in St Louis (stickers of his pic on scooter front) I also often stop at the side of the road in Mauri and have passed the place of the shooting many times. Once you pass a place called Boutillimit the scenery is terrible and so's the road. The people that live out there are great it is only the radical in-comers that have been turned against the west that change a Country unchanged for a thousand years.

I think South America is a good idea. In a few years it will/may return to Africa but over the last ten years the people have changed. There are too many radicals now.
I followed the news of the killers route South towards Guinea, these types are more prolific in West Africa than some might think. Keep on fighting them however you can...

Anyway I'm rambling, here is a Hornbill from Gambia. No shots from Dakar 2008 and it's not to be mistaken for a new model Husaberg either...
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