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Not all that hard to do I suppose - but the Scrambler and I met our match today. A steep, rutted, muddy road up a nearby mountain. It was a south facing slope, so the snow was gone, but the mud remained. Some stock 4x4's have trouble on the road... I shoulda known better...

At least I was smart enough to turn around at a wide spot and get both the bike and me off the hill before I managed to dent up one or both of us!

What would have helped?

1. Dirt riding skills. Sadly lacking here.
2. Better conditions - road was too wet/muddy.
3. Lighter bike, better ground clearance, longer suspension travel, gnarly knobbies and perhaps lower gearing too - something like your basic dirt bike would have eaten this hill alive, with a competent rider.

I'll have another go at it when things dry out a bit!
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