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To answer my own question, the Synergy jacket liner current draw is approximately 6.0 A high, 5.0A med, 4.0 A Low.

That was recorded powered by a 5.5.A/Hr battery on the bench, so that’s at approx 12.5 vdc.

I also wore it in this morning, 32 deg F, long t-shirt under Synergy, under Gen 1 Kilimanjaro (circa 1999).

The TDM850 has limited wind protection, but I soon had it down to Med, then when I dropped out of the mountains, I was alternating Med to Low on I-26 (80 mph).

Warm arms sure are nice.

Lacking a voltmeter on this bike, I made an SAE-to-pin cable and plugged in a DMM (in the tankbag map pocket), so I could monitor voltage at various conditions.

The TDM will maintain 13.2 vdc with the liner on Hi and the 15 watt glove liners (separate circuit) from 3K rpm up.

The glove circuits are useless to me (as much as I’d like to use them) because my glove liners need to be on 100% duty cycle (no controller limiting them).

I opted to wire my Kilimanjaro for the glove liners, vs. trying to open the Synergy liner and wire the glove plugs for straight 12 vdc. Feeling the wires thru the insulation, it appears that there aren’t dedicated wires for the glove plugs, they appear to be wired into the heating element network. Also I’d have to obtain the coax plugs and make adapters to the Molex connectors on the liners.

That’s one reason I thought about the First Gear/Warm-N-Safe liner.

Still workable though.

Basically, my overall impression is that for cold weather this thing rawks!!!

Better insulation unplugged than the Kili fleece liner.
Easier to put on under Kili.
Very very warm.
Light weight.
Good build quality.
Controller included.
Wiring harness included.
Best price.
3 year warranty.
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