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Originally Posted by theturtleshead
Hello matey! I,m off to work in Oaxaca on Monday for about two months
While you were there did you find any good bars? Oh yeah and anywhere to hire a bike up there?
Cheers Albert theturtleshead
Woot! Two months should be perfect. What will you be doing there?

Honestly I didn't get to know the bar scene well; if I had stayed longer I probably would have. I liked Colectivo Central aka "Bar Central" west of the zócalo; it's a lot like a hip San Francisco bar in both the good and bad ways. A fellow norteamericano and I watched a US-Mexico fútbol game in Bar Caffeine (next to Inglesia Santa Domingo) and had a great time drunkenly rooting and joking with the locals in our respective broken languages.

On the other hand, on my last night in Oaxaca some guy I'd never seen before tried to kick my ass in a nightclub, but it got as far as him reaching for me when his friends jumped all over him. I still have no idea what that was about. I had been having a good time talking to his friend (who spent a lot of time in LA and had lots of gang tattoos - funny, but the tough guys are always really nice in person) for about fifteen minutes. I don't remember the name of the nightclub, but it's the one in my pictures with the red walls.

Hiring a bike? Dunno, but I didn't look - I conveniently brought my own

For two months, you might just want to buy one and sell it when you leave. 200cc bikes are cheap down there. Even new they're only about 20,000 pesos, so they can't cost too much used. Bigger bikes are rare in Oaxaca, and cost way more than they do in the US. If you go this route, I'm curious to know how complicated the paperwork, etc is!

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