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Oaxaca to Tehuacán

I left Oaxaca on Feb 9th headed for Mexico City. I hadn't bought a plane ticket yet because I wasn't sure when I would be ready to leave, but I needed to be in San Francisco before Valentine's Day.

I assumed I would stop in Puebla, but I got a late start. Thanks to the prior evening's festivities, estuve crudo. This didn't make the traffic any easier (note - the cars in the middle are parked on the old abandoned railbed that runs through town):

Once on the road, the scenery was grand, back into beautiful deserts:

I looked longingly at the road carved into the side of the mountain in the distance:

When I crossed into the state of Puebla, the roads became dramatically worse, potholes everywhere. The vegetation also changed. The road was lined with big sugarcane plantations. All of a sudden the air started smelling of heavy, sticky, burnt sugar. It was actually quite tasty. Then I saw this:

A refinery surrounded with truck after truck of sugarcane, waiting to be unloaded.

It was getting dark, so I opted to stay in Tehuacán. There isn't much to say about Tehuacán, touristwise, but it's fairly cute for a sizeable city and Lonely Planet recommended a hotel overlooking the zócalo:

The next day I noticed something odd about Tehuacán and Puebla. There are countless intersections like this one. Talk about mixed signals...


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