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Railroads of Oaxaca

There are very few functioning railroads left in Mexico. In the US, most abandoned railroads get pulled up for scrap pretty quickly, but not in Mexico. This excites me.

Some friends of mine constructed a makeshift railcar which we have been using to explore derelict railway in California:

On other trips, I've tried motorcycling the railbed:

...however, hopping over rails on a big bike is tough:

(that's sp4ce looking proud)

Every time I ride by abandoned railbed in Mexico, a little gland in the back of my brain oozes happy juice. You might say I'm a little obsessed.

Here are some pictures of the railroad that once ran between Puebla and Mitla (according to my map). I was told it's been abandoned for 15 years. It's probably too overgrown and broken for the railcar (and too far south anyways) but it's fun to dream about:

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