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I am curious to know the difference between the 620 Advnture low mounted exhausts: the supertrapp ones that have disks in the end vs.the standard exhaust canister style exhaust with outlet stubs (as shown by the 1st pic in this thread). As stated in the first post: "World market bikes continued with dual exhaust with outlet stubs. To meet spark arrestor requirements, US Market got USFS stamped, twin Supertrapp mufflers."

Mine has the supertrapp- but they are a little ratty (PO stored the bike outside). I was originally looking at fabricating something to replace this system as I go thru stream crossings on allot of my rides. I thought of just bending the supertrapps up at 45 degrees but I decided against it. My main reason being that its disk system pushes out heat and pressure around the endcap of the exhuast, rather than straight back like a standard exhaust, and I didn't want it to cook anything that might be in side bags and/or reserve tank.

Anyway, thanks to the Flea Market here on ADV, I just picked up a clean looking OEM full system with the more standard looking outlet stubs. So I was wondering how much of a difference there are between the two systems if anyone knows? I am hoping it won't impact performance much (I have the fcr carb in it), but I hope it 's quietier as this will be my offroad bike. I am really psyched about it, as it comes in pieces. It looks easy enough to add a pipe on each side withs a bend before the canister to make a Rallye-ish looking echaust..

Anyone know the difference between the two...

Thanks In Advance
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