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Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey
I fear that the problem you're going to run into is the stub exhausts is they don't have USFS legal spark arrestors. That's why we got a different exhaust in the US. If you're using it for your offroad exhaust, whacha' gonna' do when Ranger Rick pulls you over?

It's a very good point.. However, Ranger Rick here is more concerned whether or not you have a DNR sticker (ORV Trail) or legal plates. The main area I ride most of the time, is centered around and ORV loop that has allot of connecting (great) trails and roads. There isn't anyplace you need to be checked out before entering it, but there are Rangers who move throught the aera. The Rangers target those on the ORV trail w/o the DNR sticker, and/or mostly go after those who leave the ORV without a tag.

If you happen to run into Ranger while on the surrounding roads, chances are high that he will block your path, walk around you, and will visually check turn signals and tag w/o running the vin # ( I don't even know if they have that capabilitiy).. I have heard they do give tickets if you have an aftermarket exhaust that doesn't have USFS approval stamped somewhere on it. It's my hope that I will squeak by since they look OEM.. I am sure I can find it my manually my bike is USFS approved and legal.. Yeah it's really for the supertrapp's, but the cover on the manual I have doesn't have supertrapps on it, so I will play dumb... I would think it would take a savvy bike person to figure it out.. I should be golden as long as it plays out and they don't have some device to stick in my exhaust to check for the arrestor...If I get totally boned and it becomes an issue - I will pay the $$ to pro-motion and get end caps for 'em
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