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Originally Posted by Hair
I recently bought an 04 FE650 with very low hours. Bergs are great bikes and I wanted to own one of the 650s before they went away. I pick it up next week.

I have a few questions for you. In one of your posts you stated that you were running for 3 days for changing the oil. Do have exapnded capacity? I think that stock is about a liter of oil. And how may hours do you think that you are putting on before an oil change? How may hours should the average trail rider run between changes? And what type of oil are you using?

Great thread. It's about time that someone did this.
is there an external oil cooler on the bike? if not you could ad one. The oil cooler will not only help keep the oil cool but it will increase the oil capacity of the bike slightly as the cooler and lines will hold that much more oil.
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