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Originally Posted by bluepoof
Ha, that was you?? You must know Chris De Salvo. The two of us (plus some others) pushed for *years* to get that app approved by T-Mobile. Frickin' carriers.
Funny! My friend Jon Stevens (who wrote the app with me) knows Chris really well. I'm glad to hear someone was trying... it was super-exciting to finish and then a big let-down when the product went nowhere. I hope the iPhone is prompting the carriers to remove their heads from their asses.

Originally Posted by bluepoof
Life with Bill isn't much so far. The only immediate change in my life is a nice buyout bonus (enough to spring for a cross-country trip this summer) and the promise of a matching 401k. So I can't complain. Since I switched to program management from engineering 3 years ago, I already gave up any pretense of coolness or development integrity.

Looking at your look familiar. Were you ever in the crowd?
Good deal on the x-country trip! Now if they'll only take the handcuffs off and let you leave the desk for long enough...

Nope, I don't know the crowd, but SF is a small place and I wouldn't be surprised if we know the same people.
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