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The meeting ended up going late and we had to drive back in the dark and the rain. Since this was a guerilla-controlled area not so long ago, we were a bit concerned. But everyone assured us it was OK so off we went. Despite the rain and the dark, the ride back was pretty fun. It was at this point that we decided that we just had to get a motorbike and do a longer ride. Sometimes in life, things are suddenly very clear.

So the next day the search began. We looked at a couple used bikes, but ended up buying a “United Motors” DSF200. This is a little 200cc enduro that looked like it could take some abuse off-road. You can check out their website at

Choosing it was the easy part, getting it was another story. There’s a piece of advice that Grant and Susan of offer, “Don’t expect to get more than one thing done per day”. Well, with great effort and three of us working on it, we were able to push that envelope a bit, but it wasn’t easy. Banks, bureaucracy and mechanical problems all conspired against us. First, since there’s a limit on how much I can take out of my account per day in a foreign country, I had to pull the cash out over two days. On the first attempt, it was rejected. The fraud detectors back at my home bank went on full alert and within a couple of minutes, Amiga’s cell phone was ringing and they were hot on our tails. (I had given them her number before I left home). Amazingly efficient. Well, after about another 2 hours, I finally left with the 1st installment of cash for the motorbike shop. With this, they went ahead and did the registration of the motorbike. That was the first step. I’ll spare you all the rest of the details, but suffice to say 3 days later and with a trip to Bogota thrown in, we were the proud owners of a motorbike. The dealership bent over backwards to help out with all the bureaucratic navigation.
Here’s the 2nd wad of cash we handed over:

This was a new dealership, so they really wanted the business. Luz, the saleslady, was all smiles when the deal was done.
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