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Mon- Feb 4

Our plan was to head to Basaseachi Falls. Katie and I had not seen that last year so we headed west while the rest of the group was heading SWest to Nonoava via a more difficult dirt route.

We left at 10:30. It was sunny that day but very windy, most in the group thought maybe 50mph crosswinds. Not fun on a bike across the open plains. I filled the tanks to the top in Cuautemoc, 12:30, to help from getting blown around and it helped, but what a workout keeping it in my lane. We took the free road that loops north. It's a nice ride and we had not done that yet.

Katie called before we headed to the falls to make sure the cabins were available. This is not the prime season, and she got them to have one ready for us. Her Spanish is very good and a huge help.

We arrived at Rancho San Lorenzo at 4pm, it was 55F.

We stayed here. $80 a night. Solar/battery powered lights. Propane heat and log fireplace. 2 twin beds/ and hot water for the shower.

They had no food there this time of year so we rode to town 20 mins away to eat before it got to dark and made it to the falls that night, then back to the cabin.

246 meters tall

I got the fire going and it was very cozy. I loaded up on extra logs for the fire from the wood shed hoping that it would be enough for the night.

When we headed off to bed it was getting colder and clouds were coming over, at 7,500 ft that could not be a good thing.

210 miles that day, headed to bed at 8:30, long day.
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