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Originally Posted by chicagomike
Found this thread through an eBay posting of all places. Anyway, I thought you guys might find it itneresting that my '98 title 620 has a SN# of 8543 and came from the factory with a Dellorto 40mm carb and the stainless cannister style exhaust and not the Supertrapp style. I know it's not been modified and I'm the original owner and bought the bike new @ TJs in Austin, TX in the summer of '99. Greg @ MCC in the Chicago 'burbs specualted that it might have been an extremely early model brought in before final EPA certification or something.

Here are pics taken a couple years ago when it looked a little less tired: The non painted plastic has since faded somewhat and the decals are lifting to I need to order new bits to spruce up the old girl...

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I actually just picked up a set of the stainless canister exhaust to replace the ST models that had gotten a bit worn... There are some floating around.. I have no clue why some have these and other have the supertrapp ones...
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