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Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey
Welcome to the site, Mike. That was my post on the eBay auction.

Your bike does indeed look like a very early model. Your forks are silver (most had black forks) and the Dellorto is Euro-spec. The US got the Quicksilver. That explains the pipes too. You have the Euro exhaust shown on the cover of all of the manuals. A number of them made it to our shores in that configuration.

Did you change the windshield? The early models had clear windshields. The later ones have the smoke windscreen.

It's interesting because my bike also came from Chicago. I wonder if it was the same dealer.

Lose that idea now (I'm doing you a favor ). I have a set of Rally tanks. They won't fit without substantial modifications to the subframe. I'm talking: cut and rebuild both seat stays and all of the airbox/battery box bracketry. I have a spare subframe that I'm going to pilfer for the job--if I ever get around to it.

Trust me: just forget it or buy one of the real Rallyes that pops up for sale around here.
well fwiw - I believe another lister said the he could swear the NOT for US 2008 SM990r and another KTM were in his lcoal dealership... I guess it's possible that some just happend show up in the US... who know....

As for the rear tanks.... ever run into someone with hard head - that just wont stop till they are confronted with it... Hi, my name is Jason.

There seem to be a number of different rear tank options... OOC - what year are your tanks from.... It was my understanding that the rear tanks from a 99 Rallye - which are still available (if you check the fiche stuff - parts for the 99 are still available). It was my understanding that these could be fitted w/o too much trouble to a 97 that has the extra frame supports to handle the weight.. The problem is that we are NOT talking cheap... I guess it all depends what someone means when they say "NOT too much trouble". LOL... What I am after for the few time I would need the extra gas (not on the trail) is the what I believe are called "heck" tanks as shown earlier on pezz_gs's 97 rallye.... I will figure something out...
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