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YEH, a thread for us lonely/lowly XT350 riders!!!

Yes, it is true, the XT350 does nothing well. No electric start, poor suspension, weak motor, no aftermarket ect!

But it is a pretty good compromise for some. You can but some miles on the freeway, hit some tame singletrack, blast down some twisty blacktop all while getting 50-60mpg without hating any of it and all the while having under $2k invested and paying $125 a year for insurance.

A buddy and me rode ours from San Diego to La Paz, Baja. Then hopped on the ferry for the boat ride to the Mexico mainland, docking at Matazlan (sp?). Then we rode down the Pacfic coast to a point about 125 miles south of Acapulco. From there we then headed inland and turned north to Mexico City and from there back towards San Diego along the gulf.

We did this by camping almost the whole trip with only one bike related problem besides a couple of flat tires and the limited fuel range causing us few tense moments. Such as bumming some gas off of a Telephone Lineman and having the Polica tell me to siphon some gas out of the totaled Toyota pickup before they hauled it away!

I will post up some minor mods I did to help it run better a little later.
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