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Here are somethings I did to help the suspension a little...remember there isn't much you can do with out spending big bucks!

Front forks...Tear down, clean, refill with a good 15wt oil and use about 330cc of oil. Stock is 10wt at 319cc. Then I run about a 2" spacer for a little more preload. To much preload and your front end will be skating around. More oil helps with bottoming, thicker oil helps with slowing down the travel (rebound to). I run the forks flush with the top triple clamp. A set of stiffer springs would make a world of difference. No air for those of you with air caps.

Rear Suspension. Not much I could do there. I did move the clip on the spring to its lowest position to get a little more preload. From what I have seen on most XT's is that the clip that holds the top of the spring in place is in the middle of the three possible positions. A stiffer spring and better valving is needed here.

My goal is to find a cheap TT and swap suspension.
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