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Jetting the XT can be a little tricky because of the dual carb setup.

First off drill out the plug over the mixture screw.

Then shim the needle up with a washer, one of the sites suggest getting the needle from a TT350 since it has the grooves and circlip to adjust it with.

Then I purchased another pilot jet and with those tiny drill bits I drilled out the pilot jets one step at a time until the screw was at 1.5 to 2 turns out and it was running a little rich, then I went back to the last size(that is why you buy a second one).

Be careful with the adjustment for the butterfly on the secondary carb. If you go to far the thing will run great in the mid to upper range but it will not idle.

I have heard about people messing with the springs and airjet on the CV slides.

It doesn't hurt to open the airbox a little and the exhaust too. I have a Cobra exhaust which really opens it up and saves a few pounds. Problem is that it is too loud. So right now I am running the stock exhaust with the screen out.

It starts very easy when warm and takes only a couple of kicks when cold.
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