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Originally Posted by WzlTech
No snow, eh? Obviously you went the wrong way. (This is near SCD on the top of 4N24 and there were quite a lot of sections like this.) But looks like you guys still had a good ride.

There was also a fair amount east of the top of Mt Gleason (west of the bad boy camp) on SCD. We turned around here and went back to 4N24 and then down. Moody Canyon had some snow near the top, but nothing that didn't have easy ways through or around. And the "BPL" road (4N32) from North Fork Station to Aliso Canyon Road was completely clear, except for some LARGE puddles, but I'm guessing you went that way. The snow that is still around is all melting fast. Oh, and Lynx is totally clear too, just so folks know.

Right after the ranger station, we turned left and ended up on Aliso, then searched and found a different trail that took us back up. We would have gone to Lynx, but we lunch was all in our mind.

Glad you guys also had a good ride.
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