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Well this weekend I decided to finish up part of the project. I have been so busy with other guys bikes I haven't worked on mine a whole lot. I had a small window of time and weather to get some stuff done and I skipped the BS non essentials and got it running.

Holy fucking guacamole is it faster, punchier and more like a real 600+cc dirtbike. It feels twice as fast and I know it still isn't perfect with jetting. I did a wheelie today going over 30mph. No way in hell would the old setup do it. Not without some kind of hump, whoop or other help. I don't have 3rd gear wheelies down yet but with some more jetting love I am sure I can get there. I will post some pics of the pipes and the carb soon. I need to get them uploaded.

So far:
FCR 39
Racing side cover screen
Leo Vince System
New rear shock valving and 8.4 shock spring

I need to work on a few things with the exhaust. Another mounting point for the muffler would be nice. I don't think 1 is enough for 100s of miles of offroad ridng. I don't want to loose that baby on some dirt road somewhere. And I think I might need to weld 1 other spring mount to the muffler and header. It only has 1 and puts a weird torque on the pipe and it doesn't quite sit straight in the carbon mount. But another carbon mount could fix this too.

And before I can even think of any real trips with saddle bags the support frames need to get built for under the # plate/ side covers to keep off the pipe.

Still need to work out the front end twist I have going on. All of the clamps I have aquired will not work well for my bike so I need to toss them and keep my eye out for a new set of clamps and possibly some new forks. This is probably last for now. It all works pretty good now.
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