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Originally Posted by mcnut
Wouldn't a wet, ready to ride weight with out fuel paint a more accurate picture?
Absolutely! As you point out, it is perverse to penalize the manufacturers for providing additional gas capacity to a stock motorcycle, when as adventure riders, that's one of the things we are always screaming about.

Unfortunately, weight with a full tank is the only number I can find that is comparable. Various magazines over the years have listed weight three different ways: tank empty, tank full, or weight with half a tank of fuel. Obviously the latter measurement is subjective and lends itself to inconsistent results. The first would be the most fair way to compare, but it is the most rare.

Since my purpose here is to list weights in one place that can be compared, I am stuck with weight with a full tank. I appreciate all the contributions done with bathroom scales, truck scales, etc., and please keep them coming. However, I won't be adding them to the list, since I need to limit that to comparable weights.

Same thing with the weights from Motorcycle Consumer News. It is indeed a helpful resource to have all those weights listed together, but the MCN numbers are consistently lighter than the weights from other sources, and I suspect they are using the half tank of fuel method for determining wet weight.

One of the frustrating things about this project is the reminder that the magazines don't take dual sports very seriously. For example, the KLX250S is one of the more significant additions to the dual sport world in the last few years, yet Cycle World treated it with a one page glossover and no spec sheet at all. The TE610 has been featured in several articles, including comparisons of sorts, but never with an all up weight. I'm hoping that will change as the new models hit the floor this spring. But it's not like the good old days when Art Friedman was editor of Motorcyclist and dual sports were part of every third issue.

Mcnut, I like your idea of listing the fuel capacity. Since dual sports typically hold between 2 and 2.5 gallons, I'll note those that are carrying 3 gallons or more, and readers can do the math if they want to see where a bike might rank with less gasoline.
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