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Originally Posted by Poolside
If you are in a fix, the controller can be bypassed. The fuel pump can be powered directly from the 3-pin connector that plugs into the fuel pump controller.

The fuel pump controller isn't part of the CANbus.

Jumper from Pin 1 and Pin 2 on this connector shown here . . .

. . . to Pin 1 and Pin 2 respectively, where this 2-pin connector . . .

. . . is plugged in. The 2 pins at the bottom of this hole are connected directly to the fuel pump. +12V and Ground just like other fuel pumps.

Got it? Connecting the two jumpers bypasses the controller, and connects power and ground to the pump directly. Just like other fuel pumps that don't have a controller.

The wire colors in these pictures are different from some versions of the factory wiring diagram. But the pin numbers are correct.

- - - What does the controller do?

The controller operates the fuel pump at 80% to extend the life of the fuel filter. The motor ECU switches the fuel pump controller between 100% and 80%.

The pump can operate at 100% all the time, just like it would without a controller, so a jumper will not be an issue.

The fuel pump on the 1200 is the same as on the 1100/1150. The only thing new on the 1200 is the 80% controller.

The fuel pump controller isn't part of the CANbus.

Another way to bypass the controller is to cut the 2-pin connector from the controller. Use the connector leads to connect Pin 1 to a fuse and the battery positive. And Pin 2 to the battery negative post or chassis ground.

The pump will be running all the time when the engine is running. But it already is running all the time, just like every other fuel pump.

If you chose this method, a switch of some kind will be needed to turn the fuel pump on before starting the motor, and off after stopping the motor. The fuse may be plugged/unplugged to serve as a switch.

Either solution can get you home if you are stuck at a dealer (or worse) and they do not have the controller in stock.

- Jim
Hi Jim
Where can both plugs be obtained from, if one was to make a small harness or adapter cable it would fit easily into a 'on the road' toolkit as a quick and easy get me home fix.

Well done for the info.


Paul K (1200GSA)
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