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Originally Posted by Jan from Finland
Great thread, if only you could print the weights also in kilos, please.

If you are not afraid of German, you could verify the numbers from here:

German Motorrad magazine lists most models sold in Europe between 2003 and 2007 at the page.

At first you have to choose a model year from upper right hand corner “Katalog-Ausgaben”.
Then you click the make (Motorräder) in the middle, choose the model from a list, click red text “Technische Daten”, and you get the specs. The measure weight is mentioned under text “Test in MOTORRAD” Leergewicht vollgetankt kg. Claimed weights are mentioned at first, so make sure you read it from the right place (Test in MOTORRAD).

However, all the weights may not be comparable, because in some cases they include racks and hard cases.

Pull out the calculator Jan!
2.2 lbs per KG.
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