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Food for thought.

if i want to buy a used 2007 husky te610 and there are two, one with a ims 5 gallon and one with a stock tank... thats alot of difference ABOVE center of gravity. id almost like to ride the two just to see how much. i bet its more significant than most of us think.
Owning two KTMs one stock and one with a 6.6gal tank, I couldn't agree more, night and day.
But consider this:
The stock EXC tank holds about 2.2gal and is good for about 70 miles. If I fill the bike with the 6.6gal tank with 2.2 gallons of gas, the two bikes will weigh within 1-2lbs of each other and as a result will perform and handle very similar, running out gas at the same time & place.
I will take it a step farther: The 2.2 gallons in the 6.6gal tank will be carried lower then the 2.2 gallons on the stock bike, which could result in the stocker having a higher CG! With the big tank I always have the option to not completely fill it thus limiting its range, but extending the range of the stock tank is not even an option.

The conclusion I have come to: It's OK to penalize a bike for the weight of a big tank, or rack or saddle bags. But not what goes in them. And yes I know a motorcycle needs gas to go anywhere. I've had my opportunity to comment and look forward to hearing what others and VR are thinking! It's a constructive debate, one for which I suspect there are no right or wrong conclusions.

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