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I don't have much to add....the flu kicked my ass just past Puertocitos, and turned me around the next day, a 90 lb weakling. (I'm still coughing). I've sure enjoyed rummaging thru y'alls smugmugs to see what I missed though.

I was pretty surprised that shaun's 525 made it to the Pemex 8 miles north of SF, he went on reserve waaaay back. I never thought he'd make it to the military checkpoint, but he rolled into the Pemex on fumes (after tipping the bike over 2x to get gas to the petcock side.)

anyway....on with the show. I haven't heard much about the trip past Bahia Cristina, other than a few broken bolts, racks, and maybe an ankle...

for my part, I had a sucky 1,000 mile KLR ride back to my Jeep/trailer - since shaun's haul rig wasn't available to me on my way back to the barn.
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