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I've never traveled further into Mexico than a couple of border town visits that occurred about 20 years ago. I've heard that the 50 miles closest to the border were different than the rest of Mexico. As we rode through Mexicali I was hoping that this would be true. While the traffic chaos was expected the level of pollution was not. As we left the heart of Mexicali heading south the build-up of trash along the side of the road was staggering. There were layers upon layers of trash that must have built over years. I'm not talking about a handful of soda cans; it was closer to a visit to the landfill. Fortunately once we got fully out of Mexicali that would end.

Picture of us screwing around in the sand between Mexicali and San Felipe:

I don't have the same historical reference as DrRags to compare the San Felipe changes to. However I will say that it was very "touristy" and I was happy to roll through town and keep heading South. I didn't see anything in San Felipe that would make me want to spend time there except to pick up souvenirs for the family.

San Felipe fishing boats:

Our destination on day one turned out to be Puertecitos where we would break camp and spent our first night. Halfway between San Felipe and Puertecitos we found this nice little restaurant were we would eat lunch and drink a few cerveza. One of the patrons told us that we could ride the beach and cut out some road time. This was fun for a while until the sand became too deep and we needed to find our way back to the road. Didnít someone slip in some mud during this section?


Once on the road we continued to Puertecitos. The day was starting to get short when we arrived in Puertecitos and we stopped at a store to get dinner supplies. We were greeted by a man pissing on the side of the store when we rolled up. Did anyone else notice him? Our dinner consisted of anything we could find - bananas, canned corned beef, cheese, rolls, etc. While in Puertecitos we were told that there was an abandoned camp ground 4km outside of town and we could camp there for free. Blake and I took off to find it while the others dicked around at the store. Blake was feeling pretty sick at this point and needed to make camp as soon as possible.

We found the campground and setup out tents. Shortly after dusk a car came rolling by and the driver claimed to be the owner and that it would cost $15 (us dollars) to stay there. Of course he didn't really own it. DrRags told him that he only had $10 and that's the price they settled on for all of us to stay there.


Sunrise over the Sea of Cortez from my tent:
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