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This was my first Baja trip, and I was expecting Mexicali to be the hole it is, but thought things would get nicer soon after.
We were about 25 miles from Sen Felipe when I hit reserve with 75 miles showing on the speedo...WTF, I'm thinking to myself, I usually get at least 110 before reserve.
We pull over soon after and I am bitching like a cry baby about how f-ed up my jetting must be since I only have 75 miles and I just hit reserve. Then Drrags chirps in (A.K.A Phucknob) and says we have 110 miles since last fill-up. After scratching my ass for a few moments, I realize in my haste to get ready for this trip (that's a whole other story), I left my speedo set for my 17" front motard setup, not the 21" dirt I'm running.
Nothing else we can do, except push on until I run out and then take some from the Valdez (discuized as a 640Adv). Lucky after running the bike dry twice, stopping to tip the bike on it's side and get the last dribbles out of the tank, I actually made it to the next Pemex at San Felipe.

I'm not very sure what I was expecting from San Felipe, but it wasn't the place we saw, one quick stop on the beach, quick look at Phucknob, few choice words to the others, and we were off to find someplace to eat way way outside of town. Following what looked to be a fun (ish) route out of San Felipe on the GPS, we hit a few sand whoops had a quick play and back onto asphalt until we found a place more suitable for a few gringo's to stop have a beer and some grub.

Others have covered the rest of the day.
My pictures are kind-a sparce for this part of the trip, plus up to this point it was kind-a boring, so I'll just post one of Phucknob messing around....

And few of us having a beer and putting the world to rights & Phucknob trying to calculate his penis size in metric.
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