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You made a point about not being able to cook well on the road. One of the things that I personally like is the similarity between roughing it on a bike and canoe tripping. I do alot of canoeing but haven't had a chance in the last few years to really get away, but running out to the boondocks on a bike can be pretty close, closer even than hiking. You need to watch weight, no reefers, but you can bring luxuries and don't need to be fanatical about every last gram (titanium tent pegs need not apply). So look to canoe sites for decent, packable meal ideas. My personal faves are fried granola for breakfast, DIY dehydrated pasta sauce (30 min lasagna on a single burner anyone?) and making bannock (versatile Canadian camping bread recipes). Really helps stretch a buck, and tastes a ton better than any processed chain food. Also, you can find refillable squeeze tubes that you can pack with anything (mayo, peanut butter, margerine).

e.g. For less than $10 you can have pancake breakfast, soup & bannock lunch, with bannock pizza or home made jerky lasagna for dinner. All recipes are just add water with no reefer needed, needing 30mins or less preparation.
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