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íRegresÚ a Mexico!

My two-week vacation-from-my-vacation is over and I'm back in the saddle!

I arrived at the Motoaltavista shop to find my bike washed, shod with a new MT90 rear, adjusted properly for rear preload, and all the missing bolts replaced. In other words, ready for the adventure that my new friend Alejandro (of the bullet proof cars) planned for me.

First, I would like to say wonderful things about Motoaltavista. This is a great shop. They work on several marks (including Ducati) but KTM seems to be by far the largest part of their business. Several employees speak great English and they were happy to store the bike while I was away. Almost all of the customers struck up conversations with me and some became friends!

Oddly, Motoaltavista has an impressive number of 640 Adventures sitting on the shop floor - more than I have ever seen in one place. They even have a well-used 660 Rally. Apparently the 640A is a popular bike in Mexico.

If you need service in the DF, note that there are two locations. The one on Palmas is not where you want to go - it's just a small storefront. The real shop is located at N 19░22.929, W 99░11.487. The San Antonio Metro stop is a short walk away at the corner of Revolucion and San Antonio (walk north, go east under the highway at the first opportunity, walk two blocks, and it will be at a small park on your right). For the geeks, that's N 19░23.093, W 99░11.218.
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