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Feb 9- Sat

We head out after our free breakfast of eggs and toast courtesy of the hotel.

Plan for today is a nice ride to the coast. About 75 miles, 2hrs, all paved in about 75 degree weather. Nice to be out of WI and the snow.

Marty and his rocket.

Andrew flying.


Chuck saying hi.

Craig O, focused like a laser on getting to the beach.


There were nine of us this ride, Mark decided to stay back and do some fishing w/ the hotel owner.

Marty made it, but had some issues w/ the sand, must be those 1.5" wide street tires.
Congrats Marty to a great ride.

After all the pics got taken it was time for some fresh seafood. It's a long ride to the coast, and staying in the canyon is worth it too, but the seafood is so good after eating tacos for a week.

Andrew approves the seafood soup.

Katie and I each had grilled garlic shrimp. It was so good I forgot to take a pic. It was mound of shrimp w/ lettuce and tortillas. MMMM....shrimp tacos, all for $8.

On the way back I filled up the tanker to see how many miles, or days I could travel w/o the worry of gassing up. The next few days we would be heading into a new area of copper canyon for everyone in this group, so not knowing where gas would be available I topped off now.

I put more fuel in than the truck did ahead of me.

I would also be leaving Katie behind, so I'll be riding solo w/ just the Gobis for the next few days. It will be nice to stand up for a change. She will take the train back to Creel and meet up w/ us in 4 days, at least that was the plan.

This will be the first time, on this trip, that I topped all the way up for an off road section. Let the testing begin.

We hit the internet cafe for a bit, then around 5pm we headed to get a snack and some provisions for the next day. We stopped for some great beef tacos right next to a Tecate Beer outlet, what could be better?

$1 tacos and about $1.50 for cold 24oz beers. After 3 tacos and 2 beers each, we left and headed back to the hotel for supper, we were eating again at 8pm.

Mark went out w/ the owner and 2 other guys to get some fish for dinner.

They caught 30 bass out of the local reservoir. No limits or fishing licenses needed, Mark spoke almost no Spanish, but had a great time. Like most things, people w/ like interests will find a way to make it work.

Great job guys, the fish was awesome.
From the cooler, to the grill, to our plate in about a half hour. That's fresh.

They could only cook a few at a time so we ate in shifts. It was well worth the wait.

Mark is on the left, Al, Craig, Jud, me.

Everyone ended up w/ about 2.5 fish. One whole fish, two fillets and some misc pieces on a plate for everyone.

After a wonderful meal and a few more beers we settled up our tap for $10 each and headed off to bed.

Today we did about 150 miles. It was sunny, 70-80F all day, ended w/ a great meal and conversation w/ our wonderful group of riders.

Tomorrow we head back into the canyon.
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