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Letís start with your comment: An interesting idea. Although I appreciate the comment, it comes with the question attached:Ē How could the whole G/S clan benefit from an interesting idea being implemented?Ē , this the whole point. I might not have the correct approach to it, but there is got to be a way to use the websites search engine to spit out the requested topics in a more sophisticated fashion. As even the more experienced users are struggeling with the unbearable results, these addtional comments came to mind.

Just to prove elemoreman and stagehands comments! Typing in the keywords G/S upgrades in the search field, in my HMO, should list the new thread as one of the first pulled up matches, as the keywords are matched in the headline of thread. But you get roughly 500 threads and the new thread is listed as 65 on the second page. This problem is even worse if you type in suspension upgrades g/s, you get everything from scramblers to dr/s and klr's.

I am aware of the fact that there is an overlap to other beamers, but thatís what makes them so attractive,. Why not using this as the advantage to support this thread than an argument against it? This thread is in no way meant to be discriminating to any other gs built after 87. It would be counterproductive to exclude great input from people that are willing to share what they learned from there r 100 gs, given the fact that it can be applied to the r80 G/S.

And if people are not happy with the title of the thread , we can change it to a more easily searchable thread, and describe it as G/S to gs upgrades, from 81 to 95. Maybe we can ask the website builder what thread name would grant better locating/positioning in the actual search.

My knowledge is very limited when compared to the heavy hitters, but I am sure that by using the search engine I am missing out to read what the other 250 hidden ones have to contribute.Because finding them with this serachengine is requiring endless amounts of time. I am lucky if I get a couple hours in every other day, as there are too many distracting things in life, from family ,job,..... I want to ride the bike as well,....time is limited!

I see this threads strength in having a focused approach to locate threads to my favorite g/s, especially as the search engine is not being very helpful at most times. I rather have a double coverage of specific topics that are covered under the personal custom bike threads and this thread, than missing out on valuable information.
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