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Gettin' there.
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I love the ways she rises to my every whimsical acceleration,
And how she squats with me as we carefully enter a corner.
Sure 40hp ain't much, but her broad, confidant, purr
Hoists my fat ass wherever, whenever, whyever.

I luvs my G/S!

(That, dear friends, was a miserable attempt as G/S poetry. Sorry.)

Congrats Gage, guess it serves me right for hanging in the basement too much; I missed your intro here. Of course, I'll be round for the finish, but it's nice to be a part of the middle, too: your tank is on the way! Couple of surprises, too. Just junker bits, busted up a bit, but you said you needed 'em. Not going to tell you what they are, but they're the best price---free!
"Origin is right here, right now," said Klay. GTomic replied, "Many myth the point."
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