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Now we are talking

My initial, idea was to create/design a webpage that would just deal with the G/S. The problem is, I have no clue how to do it, I am not computer savvy, have no programming skills,.......People that I ask were all for it, but nobody has access to someone who would do it as they are as computer illiterate as I am. Besides that, it would separate us form the other users of adv rider. That is not needed and it would make the logistics unnecessarily
The Adv-rider-site is a great tool as a platform, a wonderful communication-tool, but lacks the sophistication I am looking for , as well as that the ones that have commented in this thread.

Ideally one would have a G/s thread, with subcategories, like suspension, parts suppliers for used and new items, g/s meets, motor with sub-categories, electrics,.... almost like a sophisticated manual. That would eliminate the need to purchase a $75 , 80 gs manual that was sold on ebay today. It would also eliminate the redundancy of topics. Less server space needed. Maybe one should talk to the designer of the website, if there is an easy way to implement a bike specific sticky thread they would approve of.
In MHO, The website would greatly benefit from this process of stream lining, without loosing its essential mission.

I suggest our FIRST CURRENT TOPIC: the so often discussed tank.

I have the original/ stock g/S basic tank and it gets me by if I have only time to do a short 100 mile trip. I don’t know how many times I have searched and looked for the PD tank , Heinrich, Hoske, HPN or Acerbis availability, used for sale ,on google, on BOA, on craigslist, …. With some success, yes I can purchase them from individuals for an outrageous amount. There is absolutely no need to it, because:
Any bike specific community is so savvy that it won’t take long to spread the word to see who is in the market for a long-range tank at a reasonable price. I am sure with better visibility of a specific thread on ADV rider site, we could easily have 25 people that are willing to spend 400 dollars for a well designed tank. Maybe something in between the Heinrich and the HPN to address the flat-surface on the top to place a regular tank bag and the better lower gravity position of the HPN.

All those inmate, who have a serious interest in purchasing a tank for a fair value would greatly benefit from a specific thread within a thread, dealing just with tanks. At the same time, such great resources as solo lobo , would greatly benefit from knowing that he is reaching the people he needs to reach to make this idea reality to build a new designed tank .

I think we can take this website to an entirely different level of functionality, starting with user-friendliness, utilizing the various skills that come together here, gaining easily knowledge. The last thing we want to do is too waste the talent that is so apparent on this site.

Just like any good book or manual has a index with subcategories, one can make this one centralized hub, “The Source for the G/S”, while avoiding time consuming searches. And that benefits everybody.

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