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more ideas

I understand the point that Steven is making with other threads that have become “user-unfriendly”. Let’s also assume that the likelihood of the adv rider website won't allow for a partial redesign with an index and subcategories. That doesn’t stop us from using what it available as a tool now, the whole audience of G/S enthusiasts, but avoiding those things that made other threads less user -friendly .

What can be improved from the very beginning? Let's put our heads together. Here is one solution? I am sure others have even better ideas. So verbalize them, now is the time.

In order to make the thread as easy to screen as possible, each reply has the ability to be headed by a title that would clearly describe what it is about, like HPN front suspension, excellent supplier of used parts, transmission rebuild, THE IDEA IS TO BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. With roughly 32 entries per page, it won't take much time to screen just the title to see if there is valuable information you are looking for. Less than 20 seconds. I am willing to spend this time, even if I have to go through 10 pages. Because I am assured, if this is the main thread being used to post G/S topics, I will find it. I am almost guaranteed to find something valuable, because the forum of users has proven itself, as they have an interest and desire to share knowledge. And that benefits everybody. If it is meant to happen, it will happen.
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