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A Country for Old men and their bikes

A Sunday in England.
Every year in march, thereís a run from Epsom racecourse ( outskirts of London) to Brighton, a ride of about 50 miles, for pre 1914 motorcycles. Itís called the Pioneer run. And usually attracts an entry of about 350 bikes.
And itís good to see, hear and smell such old motorcycles being used on the road, instead of just looking at them on show in a museum.
The first start off at 8am in the morning, the last leave at approx 9am. I enjoy riding alongside them on the way down, along with hundreds of other bikes. Quiet a few donít make it, you pass them on the way, pointless trying to offer help, theyíre way beyond anything you usually find broken down. There are even a couple of steam driven bikes ! .
Iíll let the pictures do the talking -enjoy. The pictures were taken one handed while riding alongside the bikes, very easy as the top speed on most is 10- 25 mph

It all slows up when going through the small villages, onlookers and bikes old and new. The old relics donít like being stationery, so end up being pushed through the hold-ups so they donít breakdown.

And then itís back onto the open road.

Youíll like this one - Itís a Harley, and he wasnít hanging about. Unlike todayís Harleys, this one is fast

Thatís enough excitement for one day, back to the old plodders.

This is the arrival point - Brighton, with a nice traditional pier.

In the distance you can see what remains of the West pier, burnt down a few years ago, then finished off by neglect and storms, so only a section of the frame remains.

And it has the obligatory funfair

Back to the event.
The signing off point. Very appropriate considering the age of some of the riders.

And another old Harley, unrestored.

And the Harley that I passed on the way down.

An Indian, nicely aged.

And what could be an original condition bike.

And then the over restored examples. Nice. But no character what so ever. I want to be able to feel every owner when I look at a bike so old.

All types of makes, Iíve never heard of most of them.

Front wheel drive

And a few of the people involved.

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