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Great post! Loved the pics and story. Just one comment: Your opinion on restored bikes is of course valid for you, but like any old vehicle hobby, there is a place for both restored and unrestored vehicles. I have owned many nice unrestored cars, and have felt the opposite wrath of judges that say "anyone can keep an old car in a garage for 30, {or however many} years"

Like you I feel the unrestored vehicles give a history lesson that can't be created any other way, but then the beautiful restorations give pleasure too, and may result in vehicles being saved that may have been junked.

What hurts is when someone takes a very nice unrestored vehicle and restores it just to get those final few points or trophies.

But as a friend of mine is fond of saying to anyone that criticizes his vehicles (bikes or cars) "My name is on the title, when YOU own it, you can do what you want!". :)

Thanks again for the great post. Nice to see ALL those old bikes.
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