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I left Friday morning 2/29, I rode down I-5 from Beaverton. Nothing special until I hit the border.

Mt Shasta Hey what is all this white stuff on the ground? Glad I had the heated gear.

I was going to stay at Shasta Lake

Hey wheres the water? I decided to push on since they wanted $18 to camp with pit toilets and no showers.
As I headed South I could see some hills to the west and I figured I could do some stelth camping up there.
After I headed west and found myself in a OHV area, I was climbing to the ridge tops and the temp and the sun were droping.
With the wind blowing I figured I should start heading down hill, I found a 2 track heading down and I followed it.
This is where I decided to stop a steep down hill there was flat spot and I figured I had found home since the sun had set and
I wasn't going back up or down now.
After setting up camp I talked to Toyanvil about getting Bacon and went to bed. I got up in the morning packed up drove up and down the hill
My camp

The road going up

The road going down

I started heading South, I was planning on heading to 101 and following it down the coast. When I got into wine county the weather turned sour
and I decided to Slab it to Bakersfield to get Bacon. Mrs Toyanvil delivered Bacon and some cookies to my Hotel.

I slabbed most of the way to Yuma from there, fighting head and cross winds the whole way, I did make a side trip to Big Bear just to get off the

When I got to Yuma I called Tim and waited for him to lead me the last couple of miles to the Trailer.

Monday I changed the rear tire, Thanks Tim for throwing yourself under the bike when it fell off the center stand.
Tuesday we were ready to go.

After the group got split up some folks headed over to the Pemex to get gas

No, no gas to be had, we headed down the road and found gas
Hey Rick any gas over there?

Hey Burt any idea where they are? He doesn't have any idea either
A Quick Trip to Big Sur

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