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Was able to squeeze in a nice ride this weekend, long enough to get to know the Wunderlich Touring screen. I'm 5'10, 33" inseam and run the stock seat in its lowest position. First of all, the screen clears the factory handguards in all three positions. Thus far it seems I prefer having it tilted all the way back as this provides very clean airflow. So not only is the windblast GREATLY reduced compared to the stocker, what does get past is far smoother as well. I tried the other positions and there's a bit of buffeting, but only as compared to having it tilted back because in no position is the Wunderlich more obnoxious than stock in this regard. I'm thinking that come wintertime, being able to tilt it up will come in handy.

In short - This thing is indeed really nice, lets call it $160 very well spent. Comparison & installed pics on the site, when I get the time.

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