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The Terry fork kit raises the front one inch, and I am not sure whether it gives more travel or just more height. I don't remember what parts were in the kit, but they were few and simple. You have to tear down the forks to do the job, but it is just a little more involved than to change fork seals (do this too, while you have it apart- if they are not leaking now, they will be soon.)
I don't know whether the kit is still available.

If you raise only the rear, the handling will probably be affected to at least some extent. From what I have heard, it would quicken the steering, but I don't know whether it would be a problem. It might just make it turn in easier, or it might make it twitchy.

6 volt battery:

The engine will run without a battery, so probably the only reason you need a battery at all is to keep the lights from dimming at idle. I pulled my battery and lights many years ago, when I XRized the bike, so I am sure the engine will run, but I don't really know about the lights.

You probably could convert to 12v by getting a 12v regulator, ignition coil, and battery, and of course changing your bulbs, but I am just guessing about this part.

Edit: I got to thinking about the 12v stuff, and remembered the CDI. That might be a problem too. Dunno.

I miss round headlights.

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