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Jamin and I rode at it was cold. Other than that it was a very good ride.

The BPL road has been graded and it looks decievingly easy. Really, it's worse because all the ruts and holes were filled with soft dirt. Hard to pick a line since they all look flat. Then from there we cut across Moody, whidh was covered with powder dust, fun and challenging. We saw several 4x4, ATVs, and dirt bikes. The lead ATV was all over the trail and headed toward us, but we manage to avoid frontal collision.

We hit snow and ice up on Mt. Gleason. It was a different trail than the one we took last week. Really icy but being on scooters, no problem.

The XR's upgraded front suspension performed very well, stiffer springs and premium oil. It think, it was the poor setup from previous rides that was wearing me out, and in combination with catching up with everyone .

Although we have the time to do Lynx, we decided not to do it since both Jamin and I are not familiar with the trail. We'll save it for next time.

We ended up having lunch again at Hidden Springs, man, that bacon burger was good!

Over 100 miles today and the best $7 spent on gas. I'm amazed by the gas mileage I get out of that thumperette.

The ride home was fantastic, canyons and twisties. We're lucky to get home before the wind picked up and missed the rain.

I was hoping to ride again tomorrow, but this rain as I type might throw a twist to the near perfect condition.
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