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Originally Posted by fixer
didn't think it was possible to add that much ugly to a KLR... but i was wrong.
+1... Just in case you're doing serious marketing research - I thought I'd be honest.

I mean, the KLR is not a pretty bike, no one's laying on the chrome and entering them into beauty contests. But, okay, if you throw some mud on them, they kind of have a utilitarian, oh, I don't know, not Rambo tough...more like a coal-miner tough look. But, you know, in my opinion, there's no amount of mud that's going to redeem a bike with that faring.

Just so you get me into the right demographic category, I should say that I don't particularly like your beak fairing either (okay, to be honest, I think it's ugly too), and I think dual odd-sized headlight systems are ugly, and I think super-motards are just silly-looking, and, for that matter, the '08 KLRs look dumb too. Sigh, I guess I'm getting old.

It's a good thing KLRs last so long, it's going to be years and years before bike fashion comes back around to something I'd spend money on.

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