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Well good morning, finally caught on work so for a bit of input.

After Coco's we took off on down the road and hit pavement some 14 miles later then on the slab for 20 or so miles where upon we came to the mobile gas station in a truck intersection and I didn't think to get any pictures so someone jump on in. ~4 gallons for 160 pesos, not too bad all things considered; well it was full service they didn't spill a drop.

On towards Bahia De L.A.

Here we are, some decided to stay in a motel cause she proved to me without a doubt she had hot running water, I'd venture to say was the nicest place in town; even had internet.

Damn biker convention she was sure making the jack with this crew.

Stepped around the back to see how the rest of the folks live, a little depressing

Some decided to stay on the beach....

They had a really nice place out there (about 3 miles out of town) except for those killer guard dogs...RIGHT AL!

Jim got in a bit late so he didn't get a cot, but here he is pimping his portable Casa

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