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Originally Posted by neduro
A few updates:

1) Pyndon was in town, looked at my tank, and said "we can do better". We've got a new concept for shape that I'm working on, as soon as I get a reasonably good prototype together I'll post pics. Wings loaned me her 990, so I've got the chance to work on it side by side with the SE- the tank will be designed to work on both bikes. It carries the weight much further forward and lower than the first attempt, and looks much more like the rear tanks of a rally bike, rather than the up high and far back first draft.

I can't commit to a timeline for the tank yet. I'm closing in on the shape right now. The next step will be to get it accurately drawn, including all the mounting brackets and so on, and then I can work on production. Best case scenario is about 2 months... but don't hold me to that... .

2) We have found a source for single Remus exhausts, so it will be possible to buy the 2->1 with or without a can. Pricing is tbd, but it will be much(!) cheaper to buy our 2 -> 1 and a single can, rather than just the cans for the 2 into 2 system.

3) The ADV collector pipe is different from the SE. Since I started with the SE, that'll be available first. I should have the first piece to test and approve in the next couple of weeks, as soon as I do I'll post pictures. The ADV piece will follow.

I'll start taking orders for the SE piece as soon as I've tested the production part, since by then I'll have a pretty solid timeline. There will be a discount for pre-orders.

Thanks for the interest!
Great news, let me know when your ready to take deposits.
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