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Ok guys, I have a question. Maybe a couple. What are you guys looking for in terms of hard to find parts? Specifically plastic parts or parts that can be made from plastic? The reason I ask is that I'm taking a business class and one of my projects is actually what you guys are discussing. My area of expertise is fiberglass and I'm doing a feasability study for the small scale production of hard to find older motorcycle parts. My notion is to make parts that might have small production runs and limited appeal. That seems right up this group's alley. 10 gallon gas tanks, custom mudguards, side panels, stuff like that. So, can you guys help me out? What would you want? How much would you pay? My instructor says I need at least 40 replies. Can you PM me? If this is viable, I may consider actual production. I can share some of my ideas offline if any of you want them. There has been much talk of $400 tanks lately. That seems like a lot. If any of you are really interested in tanks, I have some ideas that I think can circumvent that price point.
Just to qualify myself, I'm not a troll trying to steal your money. I'm just trying to do a feasability study for a class. However, like I said, I'm also doing this with an eye to actually implementing it if I think it is worth it. So, what kind of pain can I resolve. I would love to hear ideas for parts.

Thanks, Dan
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