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California Arrives

The fireworks festival of Tultepec approaches March 8.

Motoaltavista has become my personal garage in Mexico City. I dropped off the bike and took the metro to the airport to meet the first of the California contingent, DGregg.

This is my first experience with the DF metro system. My first impression: WOW! The trains run every two minutes. They go almost everywhere in the city. They're fast and quiet. What a dream!

Then I transferred onto another train. I was a little confused that people were lining up, not getting onto the train even though there was plenty of standing room. I stepped on. At the next stop, more people got on. And again. In a few stops we were crammed in, people pushing their way into the overfull car. Then the train stopped for 20 minutes at a time in several stations. It took about two hours to get to the airport. Yuck.

Here's a typical picture of the hallways:

Oddly enough, there is (or was) a small library in one of the stations, deep underground:

I've since spent much more time riding the DF metro. While it can be overwhelming at rush hour, it's still a modern marvel. As a San Franciscan, I'm envious.

DGregg and I ate some amazing Tabasqueño food at a restaurant recommended by Lonely Planet in the Condesa, María de Alma. Here's some more food porn:

We stayed for two nights at the house of someone DGregg met on It actually worked out pretty well. A couple months ago one of the founders of came by the weekly dinner party I host in SF and I had been meaning to try out the concept. I still prefer to stay in hostels, though - more chance of meeting fellow travelers.

We had a couple days before the hordes arrive, so we spent a day at the
Museo Nacional de Antropología. We were there 9 hours and saw about half of it, including a very large temporary exhibition of Egyption artifacts. Somehow I went to Mexico and learned about Egypt, go figure. I have put Mexico City on my future "museum travel list"; a good place to fly in for a week and do nothing but visit museums. I'm not even sure a week would do it.
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