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The Hordes Arrive

DGregg and I checked into the Mexico City Hostel, where our group had reserved a single 12-person room. It's quite a bit nicer and more relaxed than the Hostel Cathedral around the corner. Then we ran off to the airport to welcome our friends.

Mexico City's airport, it seems likely, was designed by the same assholes that designed the highway system. Here are some interesting factoids about MEX:
  • There are two terminals, #1 and #2.
  • The metro goes to terminal #1.
  • Most international flights go to terminal #2.
  • Terminal #2 is a couple miles away from terminal #1.
  • There is an overhead tramway that shuttles between the terminals, but IT'S A SECURED ZONE. You can only get on it with a departure ticket in-hand. Even arriving passengers can't use it!
  • There is a bus that will take you between the terminals. It takes 15 minutes and costs 5 pesos.
  • The bus doesn't even leave you in a nice bus stop. You have to walk across this parking lot and quite literally dodge the other incoming buses:

I am at a complete loss to explain this design. Just getting all my friends to the metro was an adventure.

After some dinner we wandered around the DF at night, eventually landing at the shrine of "Our Lady Of The Metro". This seems a distinctly Mexican cultural quirk, although usually it involves burnt tortillas. Water seeping out of the tunnel created a stain resembling the Virgin of Guadalupe (a miracle!) so they chopped out the rock and created a shrine. No, we couldn't see it.

Greg (not to be confused with DGregg) had actually arrived a few hours before the others and taken the metro back to the hostel by himself. On the train, a cute Hungarian (who had arrived in the DF at the same time) asked him to recommend a hostel. Since two of our party had become ill at the last minute and couldn't make it, Greg invited her to stay with us. Greg is clearly the most brilliant among us!

Krisztina, adopted into the family:

She and I, well, clicked
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