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We took an additional day in the DF before leaving for Tultepec. We decided to spend it at the floating gardens of Xochimilco. During Aztec times, Xochimilco was a city built by pushing up piles of mud and making chinampa farms in the middle of a shallow endorheic lake. Now it's a district about 20 kilometers south of the DF. A few canals are all that is left of the once enormous lake.

Still, Xochimilco is quite beautiful. It also provided an opportunity to combine beer and boats, two of my favorite things. It started with a long ride on the metro (cue Berlin music).

We all piled on one of the colorful trajinera boats:

As you can see, it was hard work:

Well, for someone:

One of our stops was "creepy doll island". Apparently a farmer started collecting dolls he found in the canals and created a shrine to drowned children.

What could make creepy dolls even creepier? Swarming bugs, of course:

The creepy founder of creepy doll island, now deceased:

Back row: Me, Krisztina, Alana, James, Greg. Front row: DGregg, Carol, Dan, Joel, Turtle, Josh.

Afterwards, we went in search of the Luche Libre restaurant mentioned in the Lonely Planet under "Quirky Mexico City". This section included both the Metro Virgin and the Creepy Doll Island, so what the hell. Well, we found it. And we had to order the "signature dish":

It took three of us to eat it:

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